Weekly Summary 1

As I have stated before my name is Griffin, I am a Geography/GIS and Education major here at UMW, graduating undergrad in the Spring (2019) but will be returning for the Education Masters Program. I made a WordPress back in Sophomore year for a class and have used it sporadically since then. Last semester I was enrolled in Digital Studies where I learned a lot about your digital identity and the effect your online blueprint can have on your life. On my domain you can find an “About” page that introduces you to the different attributes of my site. Under the “Contact Me” drop down menu, I have linked various social media accounts I will be using throughout the semester that include introduction posts for this class such as:

and Twitter:

also YouTube:

and finally Soundcloud:

For this week’s assignment I started with the easiest thing in my opinion, which was making the instagram. I went with the simple username gbower_ds106 and picked pictures from this past summer as my first post. The pictures are from Firefly, a summer music festival in Dover, Delaware that I have been going to for a few years now. I picked these pictures because they represent some of the important things in my life such as spending time with friends and family, music-whether it is live or not, good food-although preferably making my own…I love to cook and bake, and traveling/ going on adventures, I especially love to drive and go on road trips.

Next, for my Twitter introduction I had to make a whole new Twitter account. I used to have an old Twitter that I made back in high school but deleted about a year a half ago… we’ll see if I like it better this time around!

After that I made my YouTube video with the app “Magisto” on my phone. I wanted to make something personable and something that was a little snippet of my life. The app gives you the option of uploading 100 videos or 90 minutes of footage so I decided 100 memories from my Snapchat would be perfect. I chose specific videos dating from this past week all the way back the October 28, 2016. It was my first time using the app and I was pretty happy with the results of the video. Ironically, I used the filter called “Memory” mainly because it seemed very fitting and had a camera reel kind of vibe to it which I thought went well with my little clips. The app allowed you to adjust the duration of each video and different options for personalization.

The final platform I have posted an introduction on is Soundcloud. I decided to make a playlist for the class called DS106, one that I have made public and also anyone can admin to/suggest their own additions. I love music and I am very passionate about everything it has to offer. I think it represents culture and emotion in an art form unlike any other. I believe I am very musically diverse which I think starting with my parents, since I grew up on Jimi Hendrix and Mick Jagger. In addition to Classic rock, I also love the super old 50’s/60’s/70’s such as The Flamingos and The Zombies, classical music, and only some music from the 80’s, EDM and alternative/indie rock. I picked songs from the different playlists I already had on my SoundCloud so the range is pretty large from Ella Fitzgerald to A$AP Rocky.

Before tonight, I had never made a video or uploaded anything to YouTube. It was fairly easy just because of the app that I used, which had an option to directly upload to Youtube and other social media sites. Other than that, creating the other accounts, introduction posts, embedding everything into my posts, and navigating through WordPress hasn’t been an issue.

I look forward to the rest of the semester and getting to know everyone!

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