Secret Agent 106 Theme

I was excited to see that not only does this class have a theme for the semester, but that the theme is “Secret Agent”. Like most kids, I loved the espionage genre, whether it was a TV show, movie series, or books. I know I’m not the only one that is still pissed they took Spy Kids off Netflix, and does anyone remember the Cartoon Network show “Totally Spies!”?
The cool thing about this theme is that it is timeless and people of all ages can enjoy everything it has to offer. As I grew older I moved on from Spy Kids, Totally Spies, and books like “Harriet the Spy”, and was introduced to the world of Mission Impossible, Austin Powers, Charlie’s Angels, James Bond and Jason Bourne (also just realized both their initials are “JD”…interesting…) I think in this class we can think of ourselves as spies belonging to an agency called “DS106”. With the guidance of our boss Paul Bond, and by helping each other we can complete the mission of the semester which is to learn how to share our stories in a digitally aesthetic and visually pleasing way.

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