Introductory Post

Hey guys! My name is Griffin Bower. I was lucky enough to have taken some classes in the past that used WordPress so I have some knowledge about webpage building, but I am looking forward to learning so much more. Here on my domain you will find links to various social media sites, my photography portfolio, links to research I have conducted/contributed to, and school work categorized by class. I am excited to be able to share stories and make connections and look forward to getting to know everyone!

Below are the introductory posts I have posted from different accounts, like twitter

and instagram.

For my introduction on Soundcloud I made a playlist of some of my favorite songs that I pulled from my playlists. Music is very important to me; I think it is one of the best forms of art. As you will see, I am extremely musically diverse so you will find content ranging from Ella Fitzgerald to A$AP Rocky.

And finally, for my YouTube introduction I made a giant compilation of videos-100 to be exact- that I had saved on my Snapchat memories. The first clip is from October 28, 2016 and the last is from January 12, 2019. I picked these videos because they represent cool experiences, fun trips, family milestones, amazing opportunities, and important people in my life over the past year or so. You will also see lots of old school Spongebob, the two brilliant boys I babysit, some good food, a few sunsets, my sister’s wedding weekend, and various animals. I hope you enjoy watching this as much as I enjoyed making it!

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