Visual Assignment

I’m glad I chose Lee Hall to be the Fallout Shelter for the apocalypse, we had everything we needed, food from the Underground, entertainment and supplies from the Bookstore, and plenty of space for multiple people to take refuge. Thankfully it’s over now because we just finished our last rations of Red Pepper Gouda soup!

For my first media assignment this week I decided to do the Before/After Apocalypse Visual Assignment mainly because the Post Apocalyptic/Doomsday genre is one of my favorites…I was the one watching The Walking Dead while everyone else was watching The Bachelor.
I have always loved our campus, in fact, Fredericksburg in general played a big role in my decision on coming here. During Sophomore year I took a Planning class and I learned that Campus Walk used to be an actual road that ran through campus. It took a few years of girls getting cat called on their way to class before Fredericksburg decided to give the road up to Mary Washington. In the “before” picture from 1967, which I found from the UMW Archives, you can clearly see the curb from the road. How many differences can you spot? I have always loved before/after photos of any kind whether it’s a fitness journey, makeovers, aging, or home improvement. I think the low quality picture from the late 60s also gives off an eery “apocalyptic vibe”.
To supplement where I stayed during the apocalypse, I wanted to show how I turned out. I used an app on my phone called Zombify.

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